Company’s Operation Philosophy

We will install, commission & operate solar power plants for various organisation buildings through India’s Solar Rooftop Program e.g. Societies, Institutes, Hospitals, Companies, Hotels etc. We will install ground solar projects through Open Access grid connectivity. Company will do business through two models for above mentioned business.

CAPEX – Capital expenditures are provided by the solar systems owner / user

OPEX – Capital expenditures are covered by third party.

Company will install Solar Water Pumping solutions for the government driven projects through tenders.

Company has planned to reach the rural customers with special products through of-grid, hybrid & micro-grid solutions for rural areas where power supply condition is very poor. By joining hands with NGOs, company will provide solutions in the remote area of state.

Company has planned to participate Energy saving projects in in Smart City & Solar City through project management e.g solar lights, Solar Pumps, solar heaters etc. by joining hands with government agencies.